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Guide for Unprotected Blu-ray ISO Playback with PowerDVD

This guide will show you how to watch ripped Blu-ray movies on your computer/HTPC (Home Theater PC) with PowerDVD.

You will need:

– A Computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (you may run into some trouble with XP)

AnyDVD HD, version or above although current version is recommended to remove the newest BD+ protection

Virtual CloneDrive,  version or above (at time of writing this version is still in beta found at the forum)

ImgBurn, version or above (much better quality over MagicISO)

PowerDVD with Blu-ray support (Dell’s DX version works fine), version 7, 8, and 9 all work

– Blu-ray compatible drive

– Blu-ray Movie

Step 1:

Check if AnyDVD is removing protection from Blu-ray.

check if anydvd is removing BD protection

Step 2:

If not already completed, insert your Blu-ray disk in the drive now.

Right click on the red fox icon and click “Rip Video DVD to Harddisk”.

Step 3:

Once the dialog box opens select the source drive (normally drive E) and the destination (a folder under your desktop works good), click “Copy DVD”.

Step 4:

Within the rip folder add the following folders (some may be empty).


Step 5:

Open ImgBurn and choose “Create Image from Files/Folders” (may differ from version to version).

Step 6:

Drag the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders (plus any other folders that may be there) to ImgBurn.

Step 7:

Under “Options” set File System to UDF and UDF Revision to 2.5.

Step 8:

Under ‘Labels’ type the name of the movie in the UDF field and select the destination for the ISO. Once complete, continue.

ImgBurn will now create your ISO (this process will only go as fast as your computer/HDD, so RAID0 helps!).

Step 9:

To mount the ISO for playback with PowerDVD go to Start > Computer (“My Computer” for XP users).

In Computer right click on the Virtual CloneDrive  and go Virtual CloneDrive > Mount. Locate the image and select “Open”

AutoPlay should now open and you can watch your movie. Now where’s the popcorn?

Additional Notes:

Post a comment and let us know if you have any troubles.

See our Guide For Blu-ray Quality x264 Encodes!

This guide has been largely based on the “Guide for Unprotected Blu-ray ISO for PowerDVD”, by Adbear… Thanks for this great info mate!

Check SlySoft’s AnyDVD HD forum for unsupported movies and be sure to update AnyDVD often!

Check with your governing laws before installing/enabling/using AnyDVD! You assume full responsibility!

April 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm 3 comments

Emotiv And Robotics

A new wave of mind control will be upon us soon, this time for the end user!

We have seen the WiiMote bring greater levels of human input to gaming in a huge scale (over 29.62 million Wii units sold at the time of writing). The Wii also brought down the cost of this technology so more people could buy it. The Nintendo DS (NDS) and Apple iPhone brought touchscreens to the mainstream.

So why not take game control to the next level? Emotiv is doing just that, mind control for PC games. I first saw this new interface device back in early 2008 thinking it would be amazing if brought in the real world. My idea was to interface this with a Windows program for remote controlling a NXT robot. If a success, interfacing it with a humanoid robot.

In the last week I have been playing with the SDK to great success! The “EmoKey” program can link different thoughts, emotions, or facial motion to input key commands to your Windows PC which I can then use to control a robot. Sadly the Emotiv EPOC costs $299 (USD), a bit much for what I’d be doing… I did not even know *if* this would work for physical objects (what I am trying to do) up until a few days ago! I was watching a recording of the Discovery’s new show “Prototype This!” where the team built cars that would shut off if the builder gets angry (which also triggered for excitement). There was a beautiful test where they bent a spoon by “pushing” with their mind at the spoon, sending input to the computer, then sending an articular a message to pull on the spoon (seen below).

You can see the full episode on the Discovery website until January 15, 2009.

Video of early beta:

Public release is set for Christmas 2008!

Will this make PC gaming cooler? Will mind control be successful? Will Nintendo fight back? Where will this next gen technology be going next?

Emotiv Demo


October 28, 2008 at 7:59 pm Leave a comment

Robot File Sharing

I have wanted a good place to save and share robot related files. We have YouTube for videos, which works very well. But the file sharing has not come as far yet. This is understandable, though, as more people will watch videos then download files, and they need to make money also.

Listed below are the best file sharing sites yet:

MediaFire – Tons of ads, hard to find the little “download” button once on the page. You can add a description and title for your file. Files will stay online forever.

SkyDrive – Personally, I like the folder layout of SkyDrive, although you can not yet drag files from one folder to another – you must re-upload the files. The files do not have a page for them where you can add a description or title. Online time for files is unlimited.

I feel that we will soon see good file sharing sites like YouTube.

If you know of any good file sharing sites, please let us all know by posting a comment!


February 1, 2008 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

Windows 7 Screenshot?

This fake screenshot of Microsoft Windows 7 showed up on Wikipedia on December 15, 2007.

(Click on the image to see a larger picture)


December 20, 2007 at 1:20 pm 1 comment

Windows 7, What Do You Want?

Windows(r) Vista(r) has charted new territory, but what about Windows 7? It is said that Windows 7 (codenamed Blackcomb, then Vienna, but will probly release under a different name) will need Quad Core computers and other powerful hardware.

So what do you want? Post a comment to say!

I want to see (in no particular order):

* Improve backwords compatibility, with support for programs dating back to Win 95, maybe an additional download?

* If you can’t do the above, improve Virtualition software. And have instructions how to easily install OSes.

* With Internet Explorer some sites render better in IE6 over IE7, an option in the browser to render the page in three of the most likely different ways may help.

* An easy way (maybe use a control panel) to select which programs should start on Start Up.

* Simple UI without the loss of features, like Word 2007 maybe.

* Forget about “looks”, if it makes the overall UI “a lot” nicer have it, but if you lose speed (Aero in Win Vista) over it forget it!

* Stable, as in very few crashes.

* Don’t forget about “power users”, people who like “perfmon”, and other helpful features.

* A way to “pin” any window to the top, not just programs with this feature.

* Have editions like “Home” (stuff you’d use at home), “Business” (stuff you’d use at a business), and “Complete” (every feature).

* Instead of the OS coming with a ton of features that you may not want, and having to uninstall them (eg. Games), have more downloads so you can make it the way you want. 

Other Microsoft Programs:

* Keep enhancing Visual Studio, have options to create skins (like used by Office 2007 XP).

* I love the help feature in Office 2007, it is much better then in Office 2003.

* With the help feture in Office, a way to have the program do it for you would be good (like a “Click Me to Have it Done” button), oposed to the current way that you have to “click here”, then “click there”, then “select that”, then “click OK”.

* I like the simple and useful UI of Live picture viewer, maybe keep as a downloadable add-on.

Well, that is my big list of just about every (good) idea I could think of, without the idea of the USB flame thrower, and microwave…

Please restrain from “hate comments”, but feel free to say what you don’t like and how you think it should be changed (or if you think it should be removed).

Now say YOUR ideas!


Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

December 20, 2007 at 10:22 am 2 comments



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