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William’s Cartwheel (Video)

After about 23 hours work spread over 5 days William can do a full cartwheel!

With the IMU from HUV Robotics on, 3 in 5 Cartwheels work. Without the IMU, 1 in 5 cartwheels work.

I should have a better video up soon.


BTW – William is the name of my Bioloid.


January 17, 2008 at 2:49 pm 2 comments

RIBO Labs Christmas Video


December 23, 2007 at 7:47 pm Leave a comment

Battery Charging, or Tires Warming? (Video)

BryanB’s line-following robot “Arty” got better times with each loop at Fall Chibotica 2007.

Although a small factor, the warmth the tires got from running may have caused them to get more traction. The added traction would have then caused the robot’s tires to slip less, and the robot would go faster. 


December 21, 2007 at 9:23 am Leave a comment

Line-Following Tow Truck (Video)

One more Steve Hassenplug creation that I saw at Fall Chibotica/iHobby Expo 2007 was a line-following tow truck named “Big Rig”

Steve kept the same design used by the LEGO(r) Tow Truck kit but changed the design enough to attach one NXT Brick under the hood, and light sensors to find and track a line in the front.


December 20, 2007 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

Best Humanoid Hits (Video)

At Fall Chibotica 2007 (hosted by Chibots), which was held at iHobby Expo, there were a few very good humanoid punches, served by Trossen Robotics’ RBT-1, Mike’s RoboNova-1, and Royce’s RoboNova-1! Watch the video below to see the best hits!

(Note: RBT-1 is the blue robot. Mike’s robot, Boomer, is the RoboNova-1 with Matt’s Grippers. Royce’s robot is the other RoboNova-1)


November 7, 2007 at 4:05 pm 2 comments

Robotis Booth at iHobby Expo 2007 (Video)

The Robotis booth was impressive at iHobby Expo 2007!

About 20 Bioloid kits where on a table, programmed, on, and ready to play with (um, test).

Also the big black humanoid (I think it’s called “URIA”), was very cool, and interactive! The screen in the robot’s “chest”, was a screen for an imbeded Windows XP computer with a Korean languge pack.



November 5, 2007 at 3:00 pm Leave a comment

RoboPhilo, Cheap? (Videos)

I have been wondering since I first heard about RoboPhilo, “where did they cut the money?” I think Mike Overstreet, answered this best in his recent write-up on Robots Dreams

“The light weight frame makes more sense because of the low torque of the servos. This made me think. What if you could buy the robot now and then upgrade the servos and the brackets at a later date? That is when I realized that this was a Robonova-1 dressed in a cheap disguise.”

My thoughts of RoboPhilo, from what I saw at iHobby Expo 2007, are:

  • Cool (in general).
  • Torque is low in the servos, may restrict heavy add-ons.
  • A bit shaky, not solid firm movements.
  • Plastic (not good or bad).
  • User friendly, utilizes a graphical interface for newbies, yet soon you will be able to program in “C” with an add-on SDK.
  • Servos will be up-gradeable, no price set.

It is clear that you can not fight against a RoboNova-1, with RoboPhilo, but you could start a RoboPhilo group so that with hacks, all robots will be more or less in the same class.

If you have the money to buy a RoboNova-1, RBT-1, Bioloid, etc. you should get one of those, but if you don’t have a $1,000 to spend, RoboPhilo seems to be worth the $500 USD ($400 USD for the kit), and with RoboPhilo you can “upgrade as you go!”

If you get the kit for RoboPhilo, you will get to see the workings of the humanoid robot, and save yourself $100 USD over the pre-built.

Add-ons, like gyros, extra servos, and acelometors are possible, because RoboPhilo has 8 extra I/O ports and 4 un-used servo channel ports on the hacker favorite Atmel powered controller.

I’m sure we will be seeing cool software, and hardware hacks in the near future on RoboPhilo!


October 28, 2007 at 8:14 pm 5 comments

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