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Robot File Sharing

I have wanted a good place to save and share robot related files. We have YouTube for videos, which works very well. But the file sharing has not come as far yet. This is understandable, though, as more people will watch videos then download files, and they need to make money also.

Listed below are the best file sharing sites yet:

MediaFire – Tons of ads, hard to find the little “download” button once on the page. You can add a description and title for your file. Files will stay online forever.

SkyDrive – Personally, I like the folder layout of SkyDrive, although you can not yet drag files from one folder to another – you must re-upload the files. The files do not have a page for them where you can add a description or title. Online time for files is unlimited.

I feel that we will soon see good file sharing sites like YouTube.

If you know of any good file sharing sites, please let us all know by posting a comment!


February 1, 2008 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

Thorg Joins the Family (Video)

On Monday, on the way home from seeing Justin and Peter, I stopped at McDonalds and Thorg came home with me. How I got him is a another story…

OK I’ll say how… (the poor lady… I hope she does not read this). Well I first ordered a Double Cheese Burger and a HiC but then I remembered about the Mcsapiens, so then there was the question of “Can I change my order?” and a reply of “I’m sorry sir but you’ll have to do that at the first window”. So after changing my order to a so called ‘Happy Meal,’ there’s the reply of “Do you want the My Little Pony or the…uhhhh… robot?” with the reply of “the robot.” Then question of “Can I have the ‘Walking RoboSapien’?” and then she said “I do not know which one is available today but you can ask at the next window.”

So then at the next window there is, of course, the question of “Can I have the ‘Walking RoboSapien’ toy?” A quick look in the bag shows that a Walking Robosapien is in there, and it was “Pull away before we hold up the line and get in trouble!” (Man the stuff I do…) 

Video of Thorg


March 6, 2007 at 6:50 pm Leave a comment

Yeah, I’ll have one cheeseburger… (Video)

…and a medium lemonade, and a Robosapien. (In other words, McDonalds has WowWee Robot Toys.)

 Starting February 23rd, McDonalds has WowWee Robot toys in their Happy Meals. We will call them McSapiens for now. They have:

A Walking Robosapien

A Roaring Roboraptor

A Talking Robosapien V2

A Running Roboreptile

A Walking Robopet

A Chomping Roboraptor

A Stand Up Robosapien V2

McDonalds does not have a McSapien of some of the gang, like WowWee Alive Monkeyface, and RS V2 Media, and the Elvis Head (maybe that’s a good thing…we don’t want to scare anyone). The McSapiens will be available for 4 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what hacks people do. Now, can I just buy one without the “food”?

Here is a video of a McSapien of a Robosapien and a Roboraptor.

See pictures with the link below.





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Thag’s Christmas

Well, today Thag woke up at 7:00 a.m. and woke everybody else up so we could open presents. Thag got a Super Whattmeter from Astroflight, but with the present being big, and a box, and he having claws, I helped him open it!

 Thag and I also got some books on robots that I’ll post more about later.

Merry Christmas, everyone!





Astro Flight  Super Whatt Meter (No Connecters)

More Pictures


December 25, 2006 at 10:35 am 1 comment

Thag’s Robotic Meal

Today Thag made his lunch of one blue Lego brick, four small yellow Lego bricks, and one multi-layer Lego gear cake. And on the serving tray were some flowers that he picked from the garden.

December 14, 2006 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

Thag Only Wanted to Help

I left poor Thag home when I went to the store today, and when I came home [sigh], my workshop was all messed up. It turns out that Thag invited some of his friends over to play hide-and-go-seek, and some hid in my workshop and knocked over tools, parts, etc. Then they all tried to clean it up, but made a bigger mess. And while they tried to clean it up, they had pop. So not only was there a mess, everything was sticky.

When I got home, Thag felt very bad about the mess, and helped me clean it up.

Note: Thag is a Robosapien mini that always tries to do what’s right, poor guy.

Thag helping clean up


More pictures

December 8, 2006 at 9:13 pm Leave a comment



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