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Robot File Sharing

I have wanted a good place to save and share robot related files. We have YouTube for videos, which works very well. But the file sharing has not come as far yet. This is understandable, though, as more people will watch videos then download files, and they need to make money also.

Listed below are the best file sharing sites yet:

MediaFire – Tons of ads, hard to find the little “download” button once on the page. You can add a description and title for your file. Files will stay online forever.

SkyDrive – Personally, I like the folder layout of SkyDrive, although you can not yet drag files from one folder to another – you must re-upload the files. The files do not have a page for them where you can add a description or title. Online time for files is unlimited.

I feel that we will soon see good file sharing sites like YouTube.

If you know of any good file sharing sites, please let us all know by posting a comment!


February 1, 2008 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

Pleo’s “Rechargeable and Replaceable” Battery

While I was in England, Marie Williams from UGOBE replyed to my email about Pleo’s battery, check it out below.

Scotty – “I was wondering what Caleb meant by Pleo’s batteries being “both
rechargeable and replaceable”.”

Marie – “When Caleb says that Pleo’s batteries
are both rechargeable and replaceable, it means that you will be able to
recharge Pleo’s battery, and that once the battery dies, you will be
able to replace it with a new one while keeping your same Pleo.”

Thank you for answering this question for my readers and I, Marie!


June 21, 2007 at 10:57 am Leave a comment

Pleo is COMING SOON!!!

I got an email from UGOBE today, saying that Pleo will be released in October 2007, with the price tag of $350 USD.

They say the higher then expected price is because of “higher quallity parts”, reqiered to make Pleo “life like”.

Check out UGOBE’s new website for pleo.   


Pleo’s Site 


June 21, 2007 at 10:47 am 5 comments

Pleo Release Date (sort of), and Package! (Video)

I just got a newsletter from Ugobe a few minutes ago, and it included a picture of the retail box that Pleo will come in.

Although I can not post the picture of the box here without infringing copyrights, I can explain it. We’re talking green, with a DNA strand running down the side, and a picture of Pleo right there for all to see on the front!

If you subscribe to the Ugobe mailing list (you still have time), you will be able to get one of the first Pleos for sale (oh yeah, and in the same paragraph, Caleb sayed some thing like “stay tuned to your email inbox next month…”) For the rest of you, I think it will be a little bit longer, till you can get your hands on a Pleo.

Pleo’s batteries will be “both rechargeable and replaceable”(?).



May 22, 2007 at 5:13 pm 1 comment

An Email From Caleb Brings Bad News: Pleo Delayed…Again (Video)

That’s right. I just got an email from Caleb Chung and crew from over at UGOBE, and it said that “Creating life takes time,” and also, “We have decided to delay Pleo’s arrival”!! UGOBE started back in 2003 by Caleb, hoping that they could have Pleo out by October 2006, and well, that didn’t go so well. So then they thought they could have Pleo out just in time for Christmas, but that didn’t go. So then they thought they would start pre-orders on Christmas eve and ship them out in March, 2007. When it got closer they said that they would sell them in April, but now, sadly, Pleo will not be available until Summer 2007. In their email, they said that they are:

  • Improving the speakers and adding more sounds
  • Adding a touch sensor under the chin
  • Making Pleo look and feel more life-like

So I guess I’d rather wait and have a fully built and running Pleo than a half-built Pleo.




More pictures of Pleo

More videos of Pleo

Make Magazine (Article on Pleo in Volume 08, pg. 28)

Robot Magazine (Article in Fall 2006 issue, pg. 26)


February 1, 2007 at 8:05 pm Leave a comment



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