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Burning Safari

This is one of the best robot movies I have ever watched.

I’m still recovering, so I will not try to explane it, just watch it.

The few minutes it takes out of your life is well worth it!


June 22, 2007 at 8:48 pm 1 comment

G’Day in the UK! Day 1

Some of you may have known that I was in England from May 29 to June 12, to see the gardens, the castles, and take some pictures of robots. I had a GREAT time. The food was good too. I took a lot of pictures, and some videos, so check them out.

Day 1


The trip really started on the plane, when I found three stow-aways, named “Zam”, “Thorg”, and “Ogo”, in my carry on bag.


At The Tower Of London, I saw the crowns.

Day two, coming soon.


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Pixelodeon Fest 2007

About a month ago, I got a email from Veronica Belmont (aka “earlysound”) asking if she could get my permission to show my Mcsapien of a Standup Robosapien V2 video at Pixelodeon Fest, and gave me a link to their website. There was not much information on Pixelodeon Fest at the time, but I said “sure” and “I’d love it!” Now Eric sent me a PM at YouTube telling me that my video was chosen to be shown, and asked if I had a HD copy of it. I was also asked to be there, at Pixelodeon Fest 2007, but I had to say “no” because I have other things going on at that time (hmm… : ) maybe next year…).

Pixelodeon Fest will be held in Los Angeles, CA USA, at the American Film Institute, on June 9-10, and is a celebration of online video.   

I think the event will be big, because Bre from Make Magazine, and other well known people, will be there as some of the 20 curators.

So that everybody reading this knows what video I’m talking about, here it is:


Pixelodeon Fest

Veronica Belmont’s website

Bre’s website

Make Magazine


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Short Circuit Sunday (Video)

Around 8:00 last night I watched Short Circuit.

Newton Crosby invented five army robots that are designed to blow up enemy camps, cars, etc. While NOVA (the place that builds the robots) is showing the robots off to investers, it rains, so they load the robots onto trucks to bring them inside NOVA. The investors go inside to have refreshments as the robots were transported. Number-5 gets struck by lightening and comes ‘alive’. “Number-5 is alive,” Number-5 declares. 

My favorite character from the movie to mimic is a funny guy from India with a heavy accent: “Ohh, this is going to be very messy.”

At the end of the movie, Number-5 changes his name. “Johnny-5…That sounds cool,” he says.

More about the robots in the movie:

Johnny-5 and other robots in the film were real r/c ‘robots.’ But in some of the scenes, they were not. To see how they made the movie, you can get issue 28 of Cinefex.  Johnny-5 has a nice design (done by Syd Mead and Eric Allard) that you can get some ideas from to base your own robots. Lynxmotion (run by Jim Frye) sells a little robotic version of Johnny-5.

Here is a trailer for Short Circuit: 


 Amazon JP Short Circuit (Japanese)

Amazon Short circuit




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A Surprise in the Mail

Today at about 2:15 p.m. CST, I got the mail and found a package from Justin (the same Justin that I saw for Christmas). Well, I opened it and found the movie “Short Circuit” inside! Right away I emailed Justin saying “thank you” and “I’ll watch it on Sunday.” I’ve never watched this movie before but some of you probably have. It is 99 minutes long and was filmed in 1986. 

 A search on Amazon shows that there’s also a Short Circuit 2.


Amazon UK: Short Circuit

Amazon UK: Short Circuit 2


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