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Sir Kitt, a TV Presentor Robolution

This cool Humanoid was built by builder Orac to interview guests at a TV studio in the UK. Sadly it does not look like the recorded segment will air, replacing it with genuine human. Orac commented that he hopes to “enjoy the fruits of [his] labour” by finding some other job for his little friend! It will be interesting to see where Sir Kitt shows up next!


Check out how Sir Kitt was built (includes many pictures) at RoboSavvy
Orac’s UK Robot Group

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Robot File Sharing

I have wanted a good place to save and share robot related files. We have YouTube for videos, which works very well. But the file sharing has not come as far yet. This is understandable, though, as more people will watch videos then download files, and they need to make money also.

Listed below are the best file sharing sites yet:

MediaFire – Tons of ads, hard to find the little “download” button once on the page. You can add a description and title for your file. Files will stay online forever.

SkyDrive – Personally, I like the folder layout of SkyDrive, although you can not yet drag files from one folder to another – you must re-upload the files. The files do not have a page for them where you can add a description or title. Online time for files is unlimited.

I feel that we will soon see good file sharing sites like YouTube.

If you know of any good file sharing sites, please let us all know by posting a comment!


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Anti-Static Bags

Jon Hylands sent me a link today for anti-static bags with the note:

“The anti-static bags are great – Digikey sells them in 100-packs for $6.18 [CAD].”

Digikey Anti-Static Bags

Yellow Tape to Close the Bags


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First Manoi AT01 For Sale to Public

This is the first time that I’ve seen Manoi AT01 for sale outside of Japan, without the “all sales outside Japan are limited to educational and research purposes” rule. The price is higher than the US resellers, but the cheapest place to buy one is still RoboSavvy which is in the UK. The Manoi AT01 is on eBay and has the Buy It Now price of $1,549 USD, and the seller is japantrends .


Manoi on eBay 1

Manoi on eBay 2



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Kyosho’s Manoi PF01 is Coming Soon (Video)

Kyosho’s Manoi PF01 has been delayed for 3 years now, but is finally going to be for sale in April in Japan! Yesterday I was looking around Google to see when the Manoi PF01 is going to be for sale outside of Japan. While I did not find the answer, I did find them for Pre-Order at iiRobotics. The price is very high (£1,250.00 or $2,422.88 USD) at iiRobotics, though. I’m thinking that RoboSavvy will sell them for more like the price of the AT01 (about $1,200 USD) so you might want to wait and see.

Like Lem Fugitt pointed out once, the PF01 looks like it can not be hacked as easly as the AT01.

The PF stands for performance.

The Manoi PF01 was designed by Takahashi-san from Robo Garage.




Robo Garage 


March 1, 2007 at 12:23 pm 1 comment



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