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G’Day in the UK! Day 1

Some of you may have known that I was in England from May 29 to June 12, to see the gardens, the castles, and take some pictures of robots. I had a GREAT time. The food was good too. I took a lot of pictures, and some videos, so check them out.

Day 1


The trip really started on the plane, when I found three stow-aways, named “Zam”, “Thorg”, and “Ogo”, in my carry on bag.


At The Tower Of London, I saw the crowns.

Day two, coming soon.


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MakeMagazine Featured By YouTube!

I was going onto YouTube today to check if there were any PMs or anything else for me, and MakeMagazine’s “Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts” video was right on the front. I’m a big fan of MakeMagazine, so I just had to blog about this! : )





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Pixelodeon Fest 2007

About a month ago, I got a email from Veronica Belmont (aka “earlysound”) asking if she could get my permission to show my Mcsapien of a Standup Robosapien V2 video at Pixelodeon Fest, and gave me a link to their website. There was not much information on Pixelodeon Fest at the time, but I said “sure” and “I’d love it!” Now Eric sent me a PM at YouTube telling me that my video was chosen to be shown, and asked if I had a HD copy of it. I was also asked to be there, at Pixelodeon Fest 2007, but I had to say “no” because I have other things going on at that time (hmm… : ) maybe next year…).

Pixelodeon Fest will be held in Los Angeles, CA USA, at the American Film Institute, on June 9-10, and is a celebration of online video.   

I think the event will be big, because Bre from Make Magazine, and other well known people, will be there as some of the 20 curators.

So that everybody reading this knows what video I’m talking about, here it is:


Pixelodeon Fest

Veronica Belmont’s website

Bre’s website

Make Magazine


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Robo-One 11, 24 Hours Left (Video)

24 hours left till Robo-One 11.

The time is now 9:00 AM March 23 2007 in Japan, and 7:00 PM March 22 2007 in the USA.



Robot Life

Robots Dreams

Robo-One 11


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Robo-One 11, a Closer Look: The Ring, The Fame, and The Money, 1 day left

Robo-One 11 will be kicking off tomorrow! (Japan is a day ahead of the USA)

It looks like for Robo-One 11 there will be a new ring. This will make the event more challenging.

Magazines and TV shows are giving Robo-One 11 a lot of publicity, and for sure will be there to film the event, especially the last bout of Robo-One 11! 

The prizes are as follows:

Lightweight class

1st Place 700,000 yen (About $6,000 USD)

2nd place  200,000 yen (About $1,700 USD)

3rd place  100,000 yen (About $850 USD)

Weight class

1st Place 600,000 yen (About $6,000 USD)    

2nd Place  200,000 yen (About $1,700 USD) 

3rd Place  100,000  yen (About $850 USD)

Integrated victory    

400,000 yen (About $3,400 USD)

For Robo-One 11 there was only one prize of 1,000,000 yen (About $8,500 USD).



The New Ring 


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And the DART Ant Weight Winner is…Babe The Blue Bot!!! (Video)

When I receive each issue of Servo Magazine, I first go to the “Combat Zone” section by Kevin Berry. When I got my February 2007 issue, it was no exception. This time, with Kevin just talking about Babe The Blue Bot on Robot Magazine’s forums, it really stood out when I saw that Babe The Blue Bot won at DART (Daytona Area Robot Tournament). He posted some pictures and said how he made motor mounts cheaply with hand tools and handcut Kevlar honeycomb armor. Kevin lives in Florida (FL) USA and works for NASA and has been in every space shuttle–past and present–working on cameras, beams, etc.!

Babe The Blue Bot is the low pushy bot in the video.


Kevin Berry’s post on Robot Magazine’s Forum

Servo Magazine


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Christmas Robotic Road Trip, Part 5

Today I went to a book store and bought the latest copy (January 2007) of Servo Magazine. Also I bought some books including Robot Builder’s Bonanza by Gordon McComb and Take This Stuff and Hack It! by Dave Prochnow. For the rest of the evening I read some books and went swimming, read a little more and now I’m going to go to bed.


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