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Robot File Sharing

I have wanted a good place to save and share robot related files. We have YouTube for videos, which works very well. But the file sharing has not come as far yet. This is understandable, though, as more people will watch videos then download files, and they need to make money also.

Listed below are the best file sharing sites yet:

MediaFire – Tons of ads, hard to find the little “download” button once on the page. You can add a description and title for your file. Files will stay online forever.

SkyDrive – Personally, I like the folder layout of SkyDrive, although you can not yet drag files from one folder to another – you must re-upload the files. The files do not have a page for them where you can add a description or title. Online time for files is unlimited.

I feel that we will soon see good file sharing sites like YouTube.

If you know of any good file sharing sites, please let us all know by posting a comment!


February 1, 2008 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

RIBO Labs Christmas Video


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Battery Charging, or Tires Warming? (Video)

BryanB’s line-following robot “Arty” got better times with each loop at Fall Chibotica 2007.

Although a small factor, the warmth the tires got from running may have caused them to get more traction. The added traction would have then caused the robot’s tires to slip less, and the robot would go faster. 


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Line-Following Tow Truck (Video)

One more Steve Hassenplug creation that I saw at Fall Chibotica/iHobby Expo 2007 was a line-following tow truck named “Big Rig”

Steve kept the same design used by the LEGO(r) Tow Truck kit but changed the design enough to attach one NXT Brick under the hood, and light sensors to find and track a line in the front.


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History Repeating Itself? (Videos)

History repeating itself?

I took this video at iHobby 2007 (October 21 2007):

On YouTube there is a video from CIRC 2007:

You will see that Rob’s Lego Mindstorms RCX robot “Not Just Brute Force” (in the middle of the older video), gets beat-up in the same way; both times his robot tips back, and both times it was with a fast robot.

While Not Just Brute Force did not win at iHobby 2007, there is much to be learned from his design!


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iHobby 2007, Meeting Internet Friends!

I went to iHobby Expo last Sunday, October 21, 2007, and met, and made friends!

When I arrived at iHobby Expo at about 9:00 A.M. CST, I went straight back to the pits to make sure my robot worked. About 30 minutes later Mike (also known as “Gort”) showed up with his robot Boomer (see below)!

After my Lego Sumo robot, “Mean Puppy”, was ready I headed over to the Chibots booth and found Steve Hassenplug from Team Hassenplug, Royce Pipkins leader of Chibots (thanks Royce for the great time)!

By the end of the day I had many more friends that I’m sure I’ll be talking to again! Two are Bryan Bonahoom, and Rick Brooks (creator of “ExSpurt”, to only name one robot).

Bryan (right) and me after we got our medals for Lego Sumo:


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oh, it’s been a long time…

I never thought I could go that long with out blogging here!

I have been working on iL@goWorld, which has been un-disclosed until two days ago, read the full post in the iL@goWorld Blog.

I also got a new computer, and much more stuff has happend that I will blog about latter.

Now if you are wondering if I will still be posting here, I will be, just not as much now that I have two main blogs and sites to take care of.

Feel free to email me, read the iL@goWorld blog and website, and post comments.




Edit August 29 2007 –

LEGO(r) forced us to shut’er down…

August 5, 2007 at 4:23 pm 1 comment

Watch the Step or Mind the Step? (Video)

While in England, I noticed that their signs read “Mind The Step”, “Mind The Gap”, “Mind Your Head” etc.  Over here in the USA they read “Watch the Step”, etc.

So with this “Minding” and “Watching“, I decided to make a funny video, about this topic for you to watch.

No robots where harmed in the making of the above film, Mind you.



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G’Day in the UK! Day 1

Some of you may have known that I was in England from May 29 to June 12, to see the gardens, the castles, and take some pictures of robots. I had a GREAT time. The food was good too. I took a lot of pictures, and some videos, so check them out.

Day 1


The trip really started on the plane, when I found three stow-aways, named “Zam”, “Thorg”, and “Ogo”, in my carry on bag.


At The Tower Of London, I saw the crowns.

Day two, coming soon.


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MIBO The Robot Dog Lives! (Video)

MIBO was made 6 years ago now, but is still ‘living’. MIBO is geting older as heard in the video (the gears are slipping). MIBO (a Sony AIBO look-alike) was made by Jin Sato, who wrote the book “Jin Sato’s LEGO MINDSTORMS: The Master’s Technique” that says how to make your own MIBO dog. Jin is now best known for building Robo-Ones.


Jin Sato’s Book

Jin Sato’s Website (Japanese)


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