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Robo-One 11 Day Two A Little Bit Of Every Thing Video (Video)




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Last Fight At Robo-One 11 (Video)

The last match at Robo-One 11 was Yokozuna Great vs. Chrome Kid, with Yokozuna Great comming out on top!


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Pictures From Day 1 At Robo-One 11


Some times it is best not to ask…

While this picture is really…Cool, the full size picture is even better!

In this small picture the writing looks like NASA, but is really NASU.

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Robo-One 11, A Little Bit of Everything Video. (Video)

Robo-One 11 has now ended.

Below it a video of a little bit of everything that happened at Robo-One 11.


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OmniZero.4 (Video)

OmniZero.4 showed up at Robo-One 11 and made a startling entance (below), considering that OmniZero.4 broke one of its frame members, that Maeda-san had to fix just before geting on the built train, and he worked on it a little at the event too.

The 1st day ended with OmniZero receving first place with a really high score of 453 points. And second place going to Majingaa, with 21 points behind OmniZero at 432, which is still a very good score.

Maeda-san working on OmniZero. It looks like OmniZero.4 is controlled by a PS2 controller.

If you look closely you can see some interesting looking things that look like IR sensors, or something of that sort, on the back of OmniZero.



March 24, 2007 at 9:59 am 1 comment

Robo-One 11, a Closer Look, What Types of Robots are There?

Looking at the robots that will be at Robo-One 11 I noticed that there are a few Manoi (KRS-LAB) going, but most of the teams that are going say thay are bringing custom robots.


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Robo-One 11 Sign In (Video)

Most of the competitors have arrived, and are signing in right now!

Oh! And look there’s Lem Fugitt!

I hope every one has a good time at Robo-One 11.

If you did not go this year (like me) check back at RIBO Labs for up dates on Robo-One 11.  


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Wake Up, Robo-One 11 Is In 5 Minutes! (Video)

Robo-One 11 will be starting in five minutes!


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Robo Night (Video)

The Robo-Ones are now recharging their batteries to rest up for Robo-One 11, which is in 11 hours!

Nighty, Night.


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Robo-One 11, 24 Hours Left (Video)

24 hours left till Robo-One 11.

The time is now 9:00 AM March 23 2007 in Japan, and 7:00 PM March 22 2007 in the USA.



Robot Life

Robots Dreams

Robo-One 11


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