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Solving The Dell Studio XPS 435mt’s Noise Issue

As of February 17 2008 we have not heard any official or unofficial reply from Dell regarding the Dell Studio XPS.


I have been using Dell hardware since 2002 with Windows XP and have been very happy with the quality and manufacture support (my first Pent4 laptop from Dell has had over $500 in repairs at no cost to me, the second laptop bought in 2007 from Dell has never needed repairs at the time of writing).

Back in November 2008 I ordered a Dell Studio XPS 435mt for HD video editing although due to backorder I received it in December.

Overall the Studio XPS 435mt is well worth the price receiving some of the best benchmarks, but ever since first startup though it has been *very loud*.

What I Did:

1st Round:

About 2 weeks after a call to Dell about this issue, a “computer service person” from Dell came to my house to replace 2 fans which did not help at all. After this attempt from Dell and being told that the noise is in a “normal range”, I checked online for ANYTHING that could solve my problem. At the time (now in early January) I found 2 sites. One was Desktop Review which reported thatonce it [the fans] happened with such suddenness and ferocity that I almost jumped”. The other site was VOIDWARE contributor “hugh” which said that the old case fan is audible” and “wanted to improve the case cooling and noise reduction”. The solution hugh used was to replace the case fan with a Xilence 92mm fan from QuietPC. After hugh’s mods (see WOIDWARE for everything he/she did) they reported that “at 25% fan, it’s pretty much inaudible and the GPU runs at under 50 degrees running the desktop”. After a 4 week backorder on the new fans from QuietPC, and replacing the case fan with the same fan hugh used, my GPU runs at 73C idle (about 30C degrees higher than before the fan replacement) this is not an acceptable temperature.

2nd Round:

Today (Sunday, February 15), being the day after the case fan replacement I’m not entirely sure what I will do as a next step. Some helpful information includes the Dell Community who’s member “oc1” said that “The fan that I took out of my 435MT is rated 70 CFM”, while 70 CFM may be a little high of a number, the Xinence 92mm fan is rated at only 27.45 CFM. oc1 also said that they “got the Nexus fan from in Vancouver, Washington”, after a week of usage oc1 said that with the Nexus the CPU was “running from 39 to 44 degrees Celsius” although at the same time admitted “I haven’t really done anything like video rendering that really puts a load on the processors”.

Fixes that I am considering is the Nexus fan, Anti-Vibration Feet (like furniture pads), Anti-Vibration Fan Mount, and Fan Gaskets I may also try Acoustic Materials.

Please comment if you have any tips, or are having the same issue!


Remember to use a static strip before working on electronics.

Neither the author, nor RIBO Labs is affiliated with any of the manufactures, companies, or products listed. We are completely independent.

Check your warranty before making any changes to your computer. You assume full responsibility if you break your computer, get shocked, or anything thing else bad happens! 😛

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