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Yazoo Anyone?

Yazoo Strawberry Drink 

Uh, I prefer “Gago”.

About 1 in 15 phone booths in the South East side of London have this ad for “Yazoo”, a strawberry smoothie drink, on the side.


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Burning Safari

This is one of the best robot movies I have ever watched.

I’m still recovering, so I will not try to explane it, just watch it.

The few minutes it takes out of your life is well worth it!


June 22, 2007 at 8:48 pm 1 comment

Watch the Step or Mind the Step? (Video)

While in England, I noticed that their signs read “Mind The Step”, “Mind The Gap”, “Mind Your Head” etc.  Over here in the USA they read “Watch the Step”, etc.

So with this “Minding” and “Watching“, I decided to make a funny video, about this topic for you to watch.

No robots where harmed in the making of the above film, Mind you.



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G’Day in the UK! Day 2

Day 2

The second day I went on the London Eye.

A little over half way around, I looked down at the ground and saw a Star Wars character.

Upclose, after ‘landing’.

A both for Star Wars, was close by.

If you are the guy in this picture, I’m very sorry, ‘nough said.

I took this picture of “Big Ben”, the big clock tower in the middle, right outside of the London Eye.

Then I went to the British Library, where there was a cool exibit with medieval illuminated books with gold writing and pictures.

At the British Museum, I saw the Rosetta Stone.


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Vegway, the Vex Balancing Robot (Video)

I’ve been working on Vegway, for about a month and a half, on, and off.

The first Vegway:

The second Vegway (it works a little bit better…):

The third Vegway (uh… yeah still not there):


I have decided to stop working on Vegway for now, I have many other robot related projects going on right now.


Vex Robotics


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Pleo’s “Rechargeable and Replaceable” Battery

While I was in England, Marie Williams from UGOBE replyed to my email about Pleo’s battery, check it out below.

Scotty – “I was wondering what Caleb meant by Pleo’s batteries being “both
rechargeable and replaceable”.”

Marie – “When Caleb says that Pleo’s batteries
are both rechargeable and replaceable, it means that you will be able to
recharge Pleo’s battery, and that once the battery dies, you will be
able to replace it with a new one while keeping your same Pleo.”

Thank you for answering this question for my readers and I, Marie!


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Pleo is COMING SOON!!!

I got an email from UGOBE today, saying that Pleo will be released in October 2007, with the price tag of $350 USD.

They say the higher then expected price is because of “higher quallity parts”, reqiered to make Pleo “life like”.

Check out UGOBE’s new website for pleo.   


Pleo’s Site 


June 21, 2007 at 10:47 am 5 comments

The 4th, Robot Style!

I’m going to try to have a robotic firework show.

I’m thinking about using the 16 sensor ports on a Vex Robotics Controller, hooked up to Estes “Rocket-motor-starter-burner-things”, to light the fireworks.

At this time I do not know how exactly I will do everything, like if the controller has enough voltage to light everything.

I will try to take a video, but it may go off too fast.  

Updates to come…


June 18, 2007 at 8:35 pm 2 comments

G’Day in the UK! Day 1

Some of you may have known that I was in England from May 29 to June 12, to see the gardens, the castles, and take some pictures of robots. I had a GREAT time. The food was good too. I took a lot of pictures, and some videos, so check them out.

Day 1


The trip really started on the plane, when I found three stow-aways, named “Zam”, “Thorg”, and “Ogo”, in my carry on bag.


At The Tower Of London, I saw the crowns.

Day two, coming soon.


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Jon’s BrainBot

Jon Hylands has made a lot of progress recently on his robotic biped “BrainBot”! BrainBot has two functioning cameras on its ‘head’, to help it react to it’s surroundings, and also make it have that cool “I want one!” effect. BrainBot weighs about 3 kg, and has pressure sensitive feet and grippers, a total of 24 degrees of freedom, a high bandwidth WI-FI interface to a PC, and a six axis IMU for balance.

The most recent design:

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