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MakeMagazine Featured By YouTube!

I was going onto YouTube today to check if there were any PMs or anything else for me, and MakeMagazine’s “Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts” video was right on the front. I’m a big fan of MakeMagazine, so I just had to blog about this! : )






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Pleo Release Date (sort of), and Package! (Video)

I just got a newsletter from Ugobe a few minutes ago, and it included a picture of the retail box that Pleo will come in.

Although I can not post the picture of the box here without infringing copyrights, I can explain it. We’re talking green, with a DNA strand running down the side, and a picture of Pleo right there for all to see on the front!

If you subscribe to the Ugobe mailing list (you still have time), you will be able to get one of the first Pleos for sale (oh yeah, and in the same paragraph, Caleb sayed some thing like “stay tuned to your email inbox next month…”) For the rest of you, I think it will be a little bit longer, till you can get your hands on a Pleo.

Pleo’s batteries will be “both rechargeable and replaceable”(?).



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Pixelodeon Fest 2007

About a month ago, I got a email from Veronica Belmont (aka “earlysound”) asking if she could get my permission to show my Mcsapien of a Standup Robosapien V2 video at Pixelodeon Fest, and gave me a link to their website. There was not much information on Pixelodeon Fest at the time, but I said “sure” and “I’d love it!” Now Eric sent me a PM at YouTube telling me that my video was chosen to be shown, and asked if I had a HD copy of it. I was also asked to be there, at Pixelodeon Fest 2007, but I had to say “no” because I have other things going on at that time (hmm… : ) maybe next year…).

Pixelodeon Fest will be held in Los Angeles, CA USA, at the American Film Institute, on June 9-10, and is a celebration of online video.   

I think the event will be big, because Bre from Make Magazine, and other well known people, will be there as some of the 20 curators.

So that everybody reading this knows what video I’m talking about, here it is:


Pixelodeon Fest

Veronica Belmont’s website

Bre’s website

Make Magazine


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Steer With Vex

I made this Vex robot with ‘true’ steering.

It’s about 3 feet, by 2 1/2 feet, so it is BIG.


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Today RIBO Labs Blog has passed the 1,000 marker on spam levels, with the top spammer, IP, the “How To Win At Casinos” website, who has gotten through the spam filter once yesterday, and three times today. I just made the spam filter stronger so they hopefully will not go through again. I really hate to block IPs from posting comments, and from RIBO Labs, but I think it is necessary in order to provide a good, clean website. I do check some of the spam comments from time to time, but by no means look at all of them. So if you’re posting any comments, with any links, or any thing that looks like it could possibly get caught in the spam filter, or does show up in a couple of days, please contact me through the contact form, or email me directly (for those of you who know my email). If you post a comment on RIBO Labs, I have made sure the system will not show your email publicly, so there is no fear of it being collected by Spam Bots. 

I must go now because I just got two more spam comments (making it 5 from them today) that went through the filter, from IP…!


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